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Our Partners

Better Together

Unicorn is the agent of agencies. We work with our customers to strategize and form a cohesive plan for growth and transition. We do this by working alongside of the best and brightest of digital agencies who can perform the blocking and tackling needed to get stuff done.

Beckett Industries

Beckett Industries, knows the entire business journey from idea to exit. With both serial founders and operating a fund, they know how to connect the dots for entrepreneurs no matter what stage you are at.

The Founder's Journey

Seeking a consultant that can guide you and walk you into the right room for capital? Beckett Industries specializes in transition.

Strtup Boost

Strtup Boost helps startups with digital marketing, deck design, UI/UX, sales enablement, & fundraising. They also help with fundraising through their monthly pitch events in New York.

Startup Acceleration

If your business is in it's infancy, Strtup Boost can help you bring your idea to life and get you in front of the investors that specialize in 0-1.

Silver Scintilla

With a proven track record for success and over 200 engineers and technologists, Silver has the ability to augment and be a catalyst for rapid application development and integration work.

Software Development

If you need to integrate marketing technology, bring a product to life, or get systems integrated more deeply, you want to work with Silver Scintilla!

Room 214

Room 214 is our expert for growth hacking and marketing strategy. As experts in marketing, e-commerce, and affiliate relationship building, they can grow nearly any business through digital transformation.

Digital Transformation

If you are looking for e-commerce, creative direction, or growth hacking ideas, then look no further than Room 214.

Gexp Software

For brand new products, prototyping, and R&D initiatives, Gexp Software is the best in class. They bring experienced product owners and freelancers that have impressive individual portfolios and experienc.

Product Incubation

If you are bringing a brand new product to life, Gexp is the company you want to work with. They are a product-first agency.

Imani Collective

Imani's boutique agencies are experts in design, branding, creative direction, community building, and social media management. The company is also an impact business, making the world a better place.

Brand Building

If you are inventing or re-imagining your brand, the Imani Collective has the most seasoned and proven track record.

Dev Rabbit

When it comes to spinning up off-the-shelf solutions and integration, Dev Rabbit is the expert you are looking for. From SalesForce to IoT, the company specializes in integration in the enterprise space.


If you need enterprise support or are working with large scale systems, Dev Rabbit is a consultant and implementation partner for you.


When it comes to content creation or establishing new distribution channels, PiVision is a catalyst for rapid growth in digital markets. The company is also well established for business development.

Brand Building

Do you want to open doors to big tech? Need to get more eyes on your product or brand? PiVision is the partner you have been looking for.

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