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Unicorn is a group of Operators and innovators

We Are True Magicians

Unicorn is an invested partner, empowering founders and innovators who bring tomorrow’s technology to market today. Learn how the software we’ve developed, partners we’ve established, and growth models we’ve proven can immediately impact where you go next.

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Managing Partners

The Mavericks

Our mavericks are passionate about empowering innovation for founders, businesses, and investors who are courageous and pioneering enough to believe they can create what’s truly remarkable. Our mission is to light the way for companies to find their path


Clay Unicorn

Clay is a force of innovation with technology. With two decades of building tech companies, he has learned how to overcome seemingly impossible challenges earning recognition from tech giants including Google, Samsung, Facebook, and Comcast.

Managing Partner

William Golde

William is a business developer and revenue accelerator. As one who orchestrates success, his track record includes transforming disparate brands from 6-figure revenues to thriving mid-8-figure powerhouses within a remarkably short timespan.

Head of Operations

Gerard Magee

Gerard is a best-in-class operations manager and process consultant. From financial planning to guiding SOPs, he knows the ins and outs of business and helps bring process definition and automation to everything he is involved with.

Senior Leadership

The Mavens

The Unicorn team is devoted to revolutionizing how companies go to market with SaaS and AI-driven solutions. From leading technology accelerators in Fortune 100 companies to building digital transformation models requiring deep marketing and software development expertise – Unicorn can take you where you want to go.


Nate Bedford

Nate is a master of technology and leading software engineers. He has built hundreds of large scale applications, specializing in automation and scale. He is passionate about solving difficult problems with elegant solutions.


Andrew Bailey

Andrew is a connoisseur of user research, project management, and cultural building. He excels in unearthing deep insights to drive innovative projects and strategies. He specializes in transforming complex challenges into actionable solutions.


Danny Beckett

Danny Beckett Jr. founded Beckett Industries to manage his consulting, advising, and strategic investments in startups, real estate, and family and founder-owned businesses across B2B and B2C technology, manufacturing, industrial, and CPG.


Michael Hilleary

Michael Hilleary is a 25 year expert in refining operations to drive higher margins for businesses. His secret sauce lies in refining teams and building positive and goal-driven cultures within organizations.


Paul Snow

Paul Snow

Paul is a distinguished leader renowned for his expertise in catalyzing team potential and driving exceptional outcomes. With a focus on enhancing user research methodologies, aligning project goals, ensuring seamless delivery and impact


Alex Morrison

Alexander Morrison

Alex is a master of market research and creative storytelling. Having crafted proposal to the likes of Netflix and other media giants, he knows how to survey and explore an idea and synthesize it to a concise message and roadmap.

Subject-Matter Experts

The Masterminds

Our Masterminds are pioneers and visionaries in their respective fields. Each individual brings a wealth of experience, innovation, and a passion for pushing the boundaries of what’s possible in business and technology. Our Masterminds are here to guide, collaborate, and transform your visionary ideas into groundbreaking realities.

Project Manager

Matt Gavenda

Matt is a strategic director and visual communications specialist. He has over a decade of creative agency experience integrating analysis and planning with the delivery and iteration required to bring brands to life, assuring alignment every step of the way.

Creative Director

Hanna Unicorn

Hanna is a creative director and designer. She guides businesses through branding to help them resonate with any audience. She has built and run two businesses as a solopreneur, bringing insights and empathy forward in everything she does.

Growth Strategy

James Clark

James co-founded Room 214, a dynamic growth studio. With two decades of experience in online, digital, and content marketing, he expertly crafts and aligns the pivotal aspects of a brand’s strategy, narrative, and customer experience.

Immersive Experiences

Andrew Gisch

Andrew has been on the bleeding edge of immersive reality and mixed media. From the Super Bowl to the final Kiss concert, he has envisioned and created some of the most well known experiences across the globe. He is also well known and respected as an executive producer and creative director.

Community Building

Candace Gillhoolley

Candace is one of the most brilliant and relatable community builders and managers. She runs PiVision, a tech blog and outlet with a large audience, featuring products and businesses in emerging technologies and various fringe or cutting-edge fields.

Growth Hacking

Jason Cormier

Jason is an entrepreneurial coach and strategist. Helping hundreds of companies grow, with over twenty positively exiting, Jason co-founded one of the world’s first social media agencies, is a bestselling author, and has been honored twice as a top 100 Colorado CEO.

Senior Leadership

Our Values

Unicorn has operated with the same core values for over a decade. This is our credo and guiding light.

Journey Together

The maxim of “it’s not personal, it’s just business” is archaic and exploitative. We embrace the human experience at every level, because that’s how people work best. Beyond “clients,” we have partners and friends that we build businesses with. Our work is personal because our relationships are authentic. This mindset produces the highest quality with the most enjoyable results.

Solutions Oriented

Problems are everywhere, but obsessing on them only creates tension and stress. Add a delayed or rushed approach to dealing with them and they multiply. We embrace our history of achievement across multiple industries, with a crafted approach to root cause analysis and sequenced problem solving that results in innovative solutions.

An illustration of a man looking into a mirror and seeing a unicorn
Operate Transparently

We love pulling rabbits out of a hat, but illusions and tricks fall short of adding real value over the long term. We prefer demystifying gimmicks and teaching the underlying mechanics. Not just pulling back the curtain, but stewarding a culture of trust where we say what we mean and mean what we say.

Pursue Life Profit

Happiness is achieved more through experiences and living a memorable life than through the acquisition of dollars and cents. Passion being a key ingredient to success in anything, we strive to pursue projects and partnerships that align with our values and influence positive change in the world.

Become a Unicorn

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