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Be reborn by building a succession plan

Our Exit Partners

Unicorn is the gatekeeper and scout for a number of private equity groups. We specialize in helping businesses get ready for exit and find the perfect strategic buyer. We clean and spruce up your business and take all the guesswork out of the journey of selling a company.

STS Capital

Rob Follows, founding CEO of STS Capital Partners, has mastered the art of exit strategies, transforming entrepreneurial success into generational wealth. As a leader in mergers and acquisitions, he orchestrates seamless transitions for businesses looking to elevate their outcomes.

Mid-Market Exits

Embark on your strategic exit journey with STS Capital Partners: your expert guides in maximizing value and securing legacy through tailored acquisition strategies.

Deal Wise

Jason Fan, CEO of GoDealWise, excels in crafting strategic alliances and investment opportunities in the M&A sector. With a sharp eye for value and a commitment to client success, Jason leads his team in navigating complex deal landscapes effectively.

Succession Planning

Advance your investment strategy with GoDealWise: where expertise meets execution in mergers and acquisitions, delivering superior outcomes and strategic growth for every client.

Like the Phoenix,
Your Business Can Be Reborn.

Unicorn knows how to build the most amazing data rooms and strategies for founders to find a successful and positive exit. We’ve helped digital agencies, burnt-out founders, and found strategic buyers for the best possible exit path. Ask us about:

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Unicorn Exits

Like a Phoenix

Your Journey Has Only Just Begun

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