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Venture November 9, 2011

Social Media Monthly

Building a successful social event, community, and media company.


Creating a brand and business from an idea and local community

  • Strategy

    Brand, Community, Development

  • Design

    Brand, UX/UI, Artwork, Creative Direction

  • Client

    Social Media Monthly

  • Tags

    Brand, Design, MVP, Web

Photos of the first magazine covers

A Joint Venture

The Social Media Monthly, a pioneering magazine and website dedicated to exploring the ever-evolving landscape of social media, sought to establish itself as a leading source of insightful content and community engagement. To achieve this, they partnered with Unicorn, a visionary digital solutions provider. Unicorn played a crucial role in inventing and shaping The Social Media Monthly by contributing as core contributors to articles, leading design and illustrations for the print magazine, and hosting engaging social media events in Denver.

Photos of Q2 magazine covers


The Social Media Monthly faced several challenges in its mission to deliver high-quality content, engage its readership, and create an immersive social media experience. These challenges included:

Content Creation and Expertise: The magazine needed a team of skilled contributors who could provide valuable insights, trends, and analysis on various aspects of social media.

Print Design and Illustration: Designing an aesthetically pleasing and visually engaging print magazine required expertise in layout design, typography, and illustration.

Community Engagement: The Social Media Monthly aimed to foster a sense of community among social media enthusiasts and professionals by hosting events that encouraged networking and knowledge sharing.

Photos of Q3 magazine covers


Unicorn collaborated closely with The Social Media Monthly to address the challenges and realize their vision. Their comprehensive solution encompassed three key areas: content creation, print design and illustration, and community engagement.

Content Creation: Unicorn’s team of social media experts became core contributors to The Social Media Monthly’s articles. Leveraging their deep knowledge and experience in the industry, they provided valuable insights, trends, and analysis, ensuring that the magazine delivered high-quality and relevant content to its readers. Unicorn’s contribution enriched the publication’s credibility and positioned it as a trusted source of social media expertise.

Print Design and Illustration: Unicorn’s talented design team took the lead in crafting visually captivating layouts, typography, and illustrations for the print magazine. They understood the importance of creating a visually immersive experience that complemented the informative content. Through their innovative design approach, Unicorn brought the magazine to life, capturing the attention of readers and enhancing the overall reading experience.

Community Engagement: Unicorn’s offices in Denver served as the venue for social media events hosted by The Social Media Monthly. Leveraging their expertise in event management and their understanding of the social media landscape, Unicorn facilitated engaging and interactive gatherings that brought together social media enthusiasts, industry professionals, and thought leaders. These events created opportunities for networking, knowledge sharing, and community building, strengthening The Social Media Monthly’s connection with its audience.

Photo of magazine cover for Social Media Monthly


Unicorn’s collaboration with The Social Media Monthly had a profound impact on the publication’s success and recognition within the social media industry. The combined efforts of Unicorn’s content creation, print design, and event hosting resulted in the following outcomes:

Credible and Engaging Content: Unicorn’s contributions elevated the quality and depth of The Social Media Monthly’s articles, establishing it as a go-to resource for social media insights. The expertise and unique perspectives brought by Unicorn’s team enriched the publication and resonated with its readership.

Visually Stunning Print Magazine: Unicorn’s design and illustration expertise transformed the magazine’s aesthetic appeal, captivating readers with visually striking layouts and engaging graphics. The visually immersive experience enhanced the overall perception of the publication, making it an object of desire for social media enthusiasts.

Vibrant Community Engagement: The events hosted by Unicorn at their Denver offices provided a platform for networking, knowledge exchange, and industry connections. These gatherings fostered a sense of community among social media enthusiasts and professionals, creating valuable opportunities for collaboration and growth.