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Leveraging AI we built the most robust labor management software the construction industry has ever seen.

Inventing a solution to labor management and geolocation-based assignments.

A screenshot of the map view featuring pins that depict personnel and project locations

100x Return on Investment

We built an award-winning Construction Management application from zero to one and over $5M in value in the first year. This native iOS Application has helped construction companies close over $20M in new deals. We branded, designed, developed, and patented this award-winning application over two years to a valuation over $50M.

When we first started building the CopperWorks application, we spent a few months learning about problems in the construction industry with the goal and promise of finding or building tech solutions. The first major obstacle to overcome was the labor shortages already present in pre-COVID America in 2018. We could see and recommend some off-the-shelf solutions for project management from a data perspective. Still, one key feature needed to be added: a user experience allowing project managers to search visually and assign based on geolocation and drag-and-drop capabilities. Before building an application, we sought to understand the existing manual sticky notes and whiteboard processes. This discovery would allow us to fully wrap our heads around the problem and solutions the company had already navigated. We then went to work to build an iPad app that simplifies construction management.

Award-Winning Application

The new application was created to meet the need to modernize personnel management in the building trades industry while addressing industry-wide workforce shortage. As a result, our partner was named as the grand prize winner of the AGC Innovation Awards, sponsored by Autodesk.

Screenshot of record management in Elements

Patented A.I.

We consulted and helped with patent writing for the AI and other novel elements of Elements. Our process began with conducting a thorough search of existing patents and working with FitchEven to ensure that the application was novel and non-obvious. We then worked with the company and patent attorney to craft a detailed description of the invention and its unique features in a patent application.

Additionally, we assisted in creating a patent strategy that aligned with the company’s overall business goals and identifying and protecting other potential inventions related to the application.

Construction Innovation

Unicorn conceived of and designed all application assets from logo to visual design. Having autonomy as product owners and creatives allowed us to rapidly build and refine with a highly optimized and effective budget. Feature for feature and dollar for dollar, no case study in our entire portfolio is equal to this project. When given control and budget to navigate solutions, we can play to our strengths as a full-service product incubator and quickly arrive at high-impact features and delivery.