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Venture November 18, 2023


We helped Homebridge go to market through brand development, digital scaffolding, and spin-up.


Creating assets for a unreleased physical product through 3D modeling

  • Strategy

    Brand, 3D Modeling, Digital Scaffolding

  • Design

    Website, Video, CG Assets

  • Client


  • Tags

    Brand, MVP, Startup, Web

Open Project

Inventing a Brand

When we first connected with Homebridge, we were excited about the business idea. Novel products in the physical world are a lot of fun to work with. The challenge was that at the time, we needed to build assets and collateral to tell the story of the product and company, but the headwalls hadn’t yet been invented. The product was patented and through it’s invention phase, but was still in the middle of R&D. So we decided to start by storyboarding out a video and assuming that we could probably make an explainer video by using 3D modeling and cinematics.

Modeling in Unreal Engine 5

Unreal Engine Cinematics

With nothing but a logo, detailed understanding of the product, and some crude sketches, we got to work building out a proof-of-concept scene for a cinematic video in Unreal Engine 5. Due to some time constraints, we knew that we’d have to work quick and not be able to spend too much time perfecting the render. The goal of this rapid spin-up was to have something tangible for the company to fundraise and prospect partners and investors with.

Screenshot of the Homebridge website

Marketing Site

We whipped up a marketing site after we finished rendering out the initial promotional video. By this time, the company had rolled out it’s first first pilot units and even installed one at a home. This gave us the collateral we needed to stand up a proper landing page for the company alongside marketing and CRM tools so that the founder could capture leads and FAQ’s.

Explainer Video

The first iteration of the explainer video was simple, but effective. Alongside of a companion asset which featured a time lapse of an actual headwall implementation, the two videos were quick to gather attention on facebook and linkedin.