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Growth November 30, 2023

Dry Erase

We helped transform and evolve the brand and expand the marketing strategy for the business.


Transforming the business through technology and digital marketing.

Open Project
Screenshot of the Dry Erase shopify website

Digital Transformation

We have worked with Dry Erase since 2017 slowly transforming a brick & mortar business and bringing the brand online. With their industry leading products and Unicorn’s expertise in brand and digital strategy, we were able to convert a majority of the business to an online e-commerce business. 

We started by migrating their website to Shopify and marketing solutions onto Hubspot. From there, we worked closely with the business to augment and teach modern digital marketing strategies and tools. Today, the company generates more than 50% of it’s gross revenue through these digital channels.

Screenshot of Brand Guidelines featuring colors and typography

Evolving the Brand

Dry Erase has been around for years. They were one of the original inventors of the modern day white board. Redesigning and evolving a brand with so much legacy and familiarity is tricky business. If the brand transforms too quickly it can have a net negative effect on perception and recognition with customers. We opted for a slow rollout starting with typography and small shifts in color. We then slowly worked on bringing more imagery and core values forward in content. With each iteration, we paused and surveyed customers to see how the updates were received. Each time we saw continuous and entirely positive feedback as we modernized the experience and brand to what it is today.

Provable Results

Data-driven decision making is often the most effective way to iterate and grow. We believe in applying the scientific method to innovation. We started with ideas and hypotheses, and tested each in market to measure the results. What the data revealed was that we our efforts were completely on track. We not only moved the needle substantially with web traffic and conversions, but we effected a permanent change in the online presence of the company through steady content and SEO strategies in addition to our marketing campaigns.