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In fall of 2015 we invested in Bowery to take their proof-of-concept idea to market. With a $150k investment of development services from Unicorn operating as a venture studio, we built the MVP in six months and helped them raise $6.2M in the following year and to a valuation over $350M today.


Turning a brilliant idea into an MVP and startup, in a market ripe for disruption

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Hilti Playbook with Tabs

Automating Sales Ops

Hilti, a global leader in innovative tools, technology, and services for the construction industry, recognized the need to streamline their operating procedures, centralize their knowledge base, and empower their sales teams with a comprehensive digital playbook. To address these challenges, Hilti partnered with Unicorn, a renowned digital solutions provider. Unicorn’s expertise in building intranet systems, custom web applications, and leveraging AI technology proved instrumental in transforming Hilti’s operating procedures into a digital playbook while utilizing AI to parse and standardize their existing database content.

Screenshot of Hilti Sales Playbooks

Overcoming Data Challenges

Hilti faced the task of dealing with a vast amount of unstructured data within their existing database. This hindered effective searchability and made it difficult to standardize content across different operating procedures. Hilti sought a solution that would leverage AI technology to parse through their database, make the content searchable, and standardize it within the digital playbook.

Solution:Unicorn worked closely with Hilti to enhance their intranet and digital playbook solution by incorporating AI-powered content parsing and standardization capabilities. By utilizing advanced AI algorithms and natural language processing techniques, Unicorn developed a content parsing engine that intelligently analyzed Hilti’s existing database, extracted relevant information, and classified it according to predefined categories.

Screenshot of Hilti Lessons App

Building an Intelligent E-Learning Platform

AI-Powered Content Parsing: Unicorn’s AI technology parsed through Hilti’s existing database, identifying and extracting key information from various sources. This enabled the digital playbook to incorporate a vast amount of knowledge and data, making it searchable and easily accessible for sales teams.

Searchable and Discoverability: The AI-powered content parsing engine enabled sales teams to quickly search and find specific information within the digital playbook. By applying semantic analysis and indexing techniques, Unicorn ensured that relevant content could be retrieved efficiently, enhancing productivity and saving valuable time.

Content Standardization: Unicorn’s AI technology also played a crucial role in standardizing content across different operating procedures. By identifying common patterns and similarities in the parsed content, the system automatically applied standardized formats, terminology, and guidelines. This not only promoted consistency but also facilitated seamless collaboration and knowledge sharing among sales teams.

Continuous Learning and Improvement: Unicorn’s AI-powered solution incorporated machine learning capabilities, allowing the system to continuously learn and improve its parsing and standardization accuracy over time. As sales teams interacted with the digital playbook and provided feedback, the AI engine adapted and refined its algorithms, further enhancing search results and content relevance.

Leveraging A.I. for Tailored Content

The integration of AI-powered content parsing and standardization capabilities had a significant impact on Hilti’s sales team growth and knowledge management. The enhanced digital playbook became a centralized hub of standardized and searchable content, empowering sales teams with readily accessible and consistent information.

Furthermore, the AI-powered solution not only improved searchability and standardization but also contributed to ongoing knowledge enhancement. The machine learning capabilities allowed the system to continuously learn from user interactions, refine search results, and adapt to evolving needs, ensuring that the digital playbook remained up to date and relevant.

Overall, Unicorn’s comprehensive solution, which combined intranet development, playbook creation, and AI-powered content parsing and standardization, provided Hilti with a powerful tool to centralize knowledge, streamline operating procedures, and foster continuous growth within their sales teams.