Unicorn committed $500K towards MVP development and go-to-market

Screenshot of the ReVision App

The Outcome

Unicorn is dedicated to the path of "being the change we want to see in the world," and this business represents that change in a BIG way. They want to help people and businesses understand and improve unconscious bias and sentiment. Think of the product as Grammarly for bias. In addition to the basic spelling and grammar capabilities, we leverage multiple AI models and technologies to detect tone and prejudice, as well as offer suggestions to help users improve their writing.

“Unicorn was there every step of the way and brought our vision to life beyond what we could have imagined!”

Sabriya ElamFounder
Screenshot of ReVision App


Unicorn built the ReVision MVP in its current form on tools and tech that allow for Rapid Application Development and deployment in multiple operating spaces: web, desktop, browser, and mobile. To accomplish this, we repurposed our proprietary CMS (Radium) on the backend, built on top of the unmatched scaffolding of Rails. By creating and architecting the tools and tech in a headless and API-first approach, we were able to implement end-user applications using the following:

- Electron for desktop and deployment to Windows, Mac, and Linux
- React for embedding in web and browser extensions
- React Native for building native applications for Android and iOS

Screenshot of ReVision App


As an investor and development partner, we have committed ourselves to help bootstrap ReVision in their seed funding round to get to market quickly and secure the next fundraising round. We brought our best and brightest in to advise and mentor on everything from business development, partnerships, technology, fundraising, and so much more:

  • Committed team members to C-Suite positions
  • $500k invested through venture studio
  • Lead design, UX, UI, and other creative initiatives
  • Introduced partners for support in G2M strategy
  • Made connections to investors and technology partners
  • Introduced and embraced LEAN and Agile methodologies