Radium CMS

Radium is the next evolution in content management, focused on Media and Project Management

Media-Rich Platform

Most online learning platforms focus on video courses as the singular vehicle for learning. Unicorn believes that instructors should be able to tailor the learning process for individual students based on their specific goals. Radium achieves this by offering a combination of video courses, evergreen content that admins can organize into routines, and online coaching sessions, allowing instructors to create a personalized learning regimen for their students.

Screenshot of Media Uploading with Radium CMS

Personalized Content

Radium is the next evolution in content management. After surveying the market, we found that both current online learning and media platforms need to do more to meet business needs. Unicorn developed Radium as a platform to empower organizations to bring rich media content online in meaningful and impactful ways.

  • Organize content into video libraries and use as the building blocks for routines.
  • Create routines and customize them for individual students based on their specific goals.
  • Assign routines on a schedule and track student progress.
  • Create recurring surveys to assess student goals, skill levels, learning styles, and comprehension.
  • Publish insights, video blogs, and motivational content in a feed to increase engagement.
  • Reach students directly with one-on-one video instruction that subscribers can pay for by the minute.
  • Plug-ins to extend functionality and integrate with third party services (zoom, mailing lists, etc.).
Screenshot of Radium CMS section building

Native Messaging

Students often come to online learning platforms seeking access and engagement with a specific instructor. In many cases, they encounter video content recorded months or years earlier without direct interaction with anyone besides other students. Radium encourages instructors to interact one-on-one with their students through online video messaging and live coaching while continuing to provide tools to leverage their time.

  • Messaging via text or video allows instructors and students to communicate most effectively for learning.
  • Students can post questions and comments at any time during the learning process. Every message can be responded to in public or taken to a private conversation.
  • Helpful responses to student questions, whether text or video, can be published in a video library or FAQ for the benefit of future participants.
  • Students can schedule live one-on-one video coaching sessions when additional assistance is needed based on instructor availability.
  • When an instructor’s time is limited, a team of trained coaches can be assigned to individual students to respond to questions and provide personalized support.
Screenshot of Radium CMS Filtering

Best Practices

Many instructors want an online component to their teaching. Still, they are overwhelmed by the idea of organizing their content into an online offering. While various platforms make creating online courses easy, instructors must still get started. One of the goals of the Radium platform is to leverage our years of experience in online learning to give instructors a leg up in building and sustaining a successful online education program.

  • Advanced data modeling
  • Clearly defined paths
  • Limiting and personalizing content
  • Steady content release streams
  • Focusing on retention
  • Live Streaming and integrations

Unicorn also works directly with our partners to integrate proprietary e-learning technologies and customize the user experience for their audience’s specific needs.

Screenshot of rich meta in Radium CMS

Multiple Integrations

In too many instances, online education platforms focus on producing one-off courses that instructors can sell to leverage their time. This model encourages instructors to invest in up-front production and focus on sales and marketing while ignoring critical success metrics like completion rates and engagement.

Without sacrificing one-time payments, Radium promotes multi-tiered memberships that change the success metric from sales to retention. By giving instructors the tools to create instructional content in various formats and backing this up with deep metrics on usage and engagement, Radium empowers instructors to focus on student success instead of worrying about generating new sales every month.

  • Multi-tiered subscription models
  • Membership levels and role-based management
  • Payment and subscription gating
  • Multiple payment systems and integrations
  • Deep analytics including behavior and interaction metrics
  • Built-in intelligence for re-engagement
Screenshot of Radium CMS Media Management