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Building a design language and applying a UI kit across all products and platforms.


Redesigning multiple platforms for Indeed

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    Brand, Community

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    Design, Scale, Web

Screenshot of Job Seeker Community


In a strategic partnership with global job search and employment services leader, Indeed, Unicorn embarked on a transformative journey to revamp user experience across key platforms. Leveraging the innovative “Aurora” design language, Unicorn collaborated closely with Indeed’s US and UK teams to infuse a fresh visual identity into the Job Seeker Community, Events Hub, and Learning Resources.

Screenshot of Indeed Jobs Page


Indeed faced several challenges in its quest to optimize user engagement and streamline its platforms. Outdated design language hindered user interaction, and the complexity of developing and maintaining platforms like the Job Seeker Community and Events Hub demanded a more agile approach. Additionally, as Indeed aimed to launch a novel employer network division, it required strategic planning, user insights, and market assessment.

Screenshot of Indeed FAQ site


Unicorn conceived of and designed all application assets from logo to visual design. Having autonomy as product owners and creatives allowed us to rapidly build and refine with a highly optimized and effective budget. Feature for feature and dollar for dollar, no case study in our entire portfolio is equal to this project. When given control and budget to navigate solutions, we can play to our strengths as a full-service product incubator and quickly arrive at high-impact features and delivery.

Screenshot of Indeed Testimonials section


Unicorn’s solution was anchored in the transformative power of the Aurora design language. The aesthetic refresh brought a modern and cohesive visual identity to the platforms, captivating users and encouraging deeper engagement. For the Job Seeker Community, built on Khoros, Unicorn not only redesigned the website but also pioneered the development of open-source tools and a VS Code plugin tailored to FreeMarker and Khoros-specific syntax. This innovation streamlined development, boosting efficiency and collaboration.

Moreover, Unicorn developed an agile framework for the Events Hub, allowing rapid application development and A/B testing of various modules. This plug-and-play approach to marketing tech empowered Indeed to optimize event experiences swiftly and effectively. As Indeed sought to establish a new employer network division, Unicorn partnered to strategize and conduct focus groups, ensuring an in-depth understanding of user needs and market readiness.