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A studio initiative to launch Comcast’s sales and advertising arm.


Building for scale of multi-regional and multi-lingual content

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Screenshot of Comcast Spotlight website


Comcast, a leading telecommunications and media company, embarked on a transformative journey in collaboration with Unicorn starting in spring of 2010. Together, they tackled numerous prototypes and product releases aimed at enhancing the sales and marketing efforts of the company. The partnership began when Comcast sought to rebrand and redesign their sales products and tools, with a particular focus on their marketing website, “Spotlight.” What initially appeared as a straightforward website project revealed itself to be a complex endeavor with a range of intricate features and requirements.

Comcast had already worked with six different agencies in an attempt to build their marketing website. However, these agencies struggled to develop a CMS that could effectively handle the complexities of supporting multiple websites on a single platform. Recognizing the technical challenges faced by Comcast, Unicorn swiftly stepped in and developed a custom Drupal plugin within a matter of weeks. This innovative solution not only resolved the existing technical roadblocks but also allowed Comcast to recover the costs incurred from previous agency engagements.

Screenshot of Comcast Website landing page for sales


We tackled several challenges while developing “Spotlight” for Comcast’s sales and marketing purposes. The website needed to support multi-lingual capabilities, enabling content, menus, and images to be presented in different languages. Additionally, the team implemented A/B testing tools directly into the content management system (CMS) to optimize user experience and measure the effectiveness of different marketing strategies. Another crucial aspect was the ability to support multiple sites within the same platform while maintaining unique themes and designs on a per-site and per-page basis.

The iterative journey with Comcast on various initiatives for Spotlight included three website redesigns, two prototypes, and one product launch. Each project aimed to improve the overall sales and marketing effectiveness of Comcast through innovative design, user-friendly interfaces, and cutting-edge technologies. The ongoing partnership has enabled Comcast to stay at the forefront of digital marketing, leverage advanced features, and deliver exceptional user experiences.

Screenshot of geolocations and regions on Comcast Spotlight


Comcast has successfully transformed its Spotlight into a powerful platform that drives sales and marketing success. The implementation of multi-lingual support has facilitated seamless communication with diverse customer bases, enhancing engagement and satisfaction. The integration of A/B testing tools has allowed Comcast to optimize marketing strategies, improving conversion rates and customer acquisition. The ability to support multiple sites with unique themes and designs has provided flexibility and customization options to meet the needs of various business units and target markets.

The partnership between Comcast and Unicorn continues to flourish as we collaborate on new initiatives and innovations. The success of Spotlight laid a solid foundation for Comcast’s ongoing growth and digital transformation. With Unicorn’- expertise, Comcast remains at the forefront of the telecommunications and media industry, delivering impactful sales and marketing experiences that resonate with customers and drive business results. Together we demonstrated the power of a strong partnership in achieving sales and marketing success. By addressing complex challenges and leveraging innovative technologies we assist Comcast and other telecom companies with driving growth, engaging customers, and staying ahead of the competition in the ever-evolving digital landscape.