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Unicorn's Development Partner

Silver Scintilla

Rallying the troops to bring any product or technology to market

Projects and battle plans are rarely the same. Having the ability to assemble a team with platform-specific expertise is key. Silver has over 200 full-time engineers on staff and the ability to spin up a team with dedicated project managers and engineers in a very short time. This agility and scale is paramount to business acceleration.

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React Native & Fully Native

Whether it’s building cross-platform with React Native or building for performance by going fully native on iOS and Android, Silver Scintilla has engineering talent that has versatility and seniority in the industry.


Progressive Web Applications

Every project is different and there are a wide variety of application frameworks available. Fortunately, Silver has internal teams with language and framework specific specializations.


Robust Backend Development

Micro services or fully-fledged API’s are often necessary when integrating systems or building web, mobile, or desktop applications. Silver has a niche offering for serverless, RESTful, and other architecture patterns.


Integration with 3rd Party Tools

Anyone who has developed a custom integration knows how painful and domain specific it can be. Fortunately, Silver’s team has worked with nearly every major and well-known 3rd party from SalesForce to Zapier.

Unicorn x Silver: Collaborations

Unicorn's Opinion of Silver

Masters of Augmentation

Let’s face it, software development agencies are typically a dime-a-dozen and most of them suffer from the same problems. Developers can be fickle, projects often come with technical delays, and most agencies are full of excuses.

Silver Scintilla, is better than the rest. They are committed to excellence. 

When Silver gets involved with a project, the entire team operates more like in-house employees than an agency on demand. It’s not head-hunting or staff augmentation though. Silver stands firm as a comprehensive agency able to self perform and follow a roadmap. This unique blend of culture that feels native combined with autonomy and self-reliance is what makes Silver a trusted partner of Unicorn’s. 


Greater Than The Sum of Our Parts

Better Together

Logo of iPondr featuring a bench

Silver helped Unicorn launch iPondr, a media company with a complex backend and operational flow. The MVP was built in six months and featured many proprietary WordPress plugins as well as custom integrations.

Revision Logo in the shape of a ribbon

Our firms co-developed ReVision, a tech startup that uses A.I. for bias and sentiment detection and awareness. Touted as a "Grammarly for bias" this application was built with React to work on desktop, web, and chrome.

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Whether you’re just getting started with your venture or ramping up a new product or integration, Silver Scintilla is here to help you. Make us your go-to partner from the start. Reach out and let’s have a conversation.