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Bower Consulting

Visualizing opportunities to help businesses create strategic solutions through optimized operations.

The founder, Michael Hilleary is a 25 year expert in refining operations to drive higher margins for businesses. His secret sauce lies in refining teams and building positive and goal-driven cultures within organizations.

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Small Businesses

We build teams and SOPs

One of the hardest parts of building a startup is finding a good COO and executive team. We know how to recruit and retain talent that will help you create well defined processes and playbooks and can stand in as your core operators until you have the senior leadership you need.

Medium Businesses

We optimize for scale

Being a medium sized business is arguably the hardest path in the journey. You are usually too big for fund raising and too small for big bank relationships. We can help you in this space by guiding your business towards optimization which will directly increase margins.


We fix culture and reporting

Has your business grown large enough to feel the pain points of operational siloes or politics? Don’t worry, we know how to break barriers across teams and create reporting mechanisms that help your business get on track and incentivizes teams to perform and love what they do.

Mid Market

We increase your EBIDTA

At scale, margins and EBIDTA are king whether your business is going public, scouting an exit, or building institutional partners. Our strategists are experts at the intersection of banking and operations. This unique blend of expertise helps you get more out of your assets and team.

Focused on operations that impact the bottom line

Optimized Operations

Our areas of focus and expertise:

– Leadership Development

– Performance Management

– Operations Management

– Strategic Planning

– Cost Analysis

– P&L Ownership

– Continuous Process Improvement

– Business Intelligence

– Risk Management

– Business Controls


Getting more for less from the company

Growth through Efficiency

Bower’s core competence lies in its ability to streamline processes, enhance performance management, and leverage business intelligence for strategic planning. The company excels in identifying inefficiencies and implementing solutions that not only reduce costs but also improve customer satisfaction. This dual focus on cost reduction and customer experience is key to driving sustainable growth and profitability for its clients. By optimizing operations, Bower can significantly impact a company’s EBITDA, often equating or surpassing the benefits of revenue growth. This is achieved through rigorous cost analysis and continuous process improvement, which can lead to substantial savings and operational excellence.

Furthermore, Bower emphasizes the development and empowerment of its clients’ teams. By building confident teams and enhancing leadership skills, the company ensures that improvements are not only implemented but also sustained. This approach to human capital is crucial in ensuring that the changes made are deeply ingrained within the company’s culture, leading to long-term success.

In summary, Bower provides a comprehensive suite of services that includes leadership development, performance management, operations management, strategic planning, and business intelligence. By focusing on these areas, Bower assists businesses in achieving operational excellence, which in turn drives profitability and growth. The impact on EBITDA through cost savings and operational optimization is a testament to the effectiveness of Bower’s methodologies and strategies, rooted in the extensive experience and proven track record of its founder, Michael S. Hilleary.


Talk with our partners and they will tell you how we are different.

Homepoint Financial

Challenge: Upgrading the skillsets of mid-level operations leaders in a rapidly growing originations business, including wholesale and retail channels, and turning around a 300-person Retail channel while leading various units in a streamlined enterprise.

Solutions & Results: Strategies included reducing headcount while increasing revenue, slashing fulfillment cycle times from 90+ days to under 30, and doubling net promoter customer satisfaction scores. This was achieved through process standardization, effective performance management, and clear communication routines. Spearheaded the development of a custom Business Intelligence suite, setting a new standard across all revenue channels. Managed quality outcomes using Root Cause Analysis and Lean Manufacturing, significantly reducing defect rates.

First Community Mortgage

Challenge: Overseeing non-sales operations across multiple departments with about 150 employees, focusing on aligning these departments with strategic operating plans while managing human capital needs.

Solutions & Results: Established standardized operational processes and digitized operational goals within a Business Intelligence suite for enhanced performance tracking. Led operational strategy, including overseeing system conversions and implementing effective budget and timeline management. Results included streamlined operations, improved performance tracking, and better execution of strategic planning.

Bank of America

Challenge: Managing regional production center operations during a period of significant downsizing and strategic transition as Vice-President of Mortgage Fulfillment.

Solutions & Results: Guided the Southeast Region through a transition to a Lean Manufacturing model, effectively managing resource redeployment to support Retail bank fulfillment operations. This strategic shift ensured the maintenance of operational efficiency and customer service standards during a restructuring phase.

Countrywide Bank

Challenge: Advancing through various operational leadership positions in the Wholesale channel, facing new challenges in managing and optimizing operations with each successive promotion.

Solutions & Results: Characterized by consistent advancement and operational success, culminating in a Vice President of Operations role. Key accomplishments included streamlining processes, enhancing team performance, and driving operational excellence throughout the tenure.

Let’s talk.

Whether you’re just getting started, seeking funding, or transitioning your company, Bower is here to help you. Make us your go-to partner from the start; the sooner we connect, the more impact we can have. Reach out and let’s have a conversation.

Frequently Asked Questions


Is it ever too early to approach Beckett Industries about deals?

It’s never too early to reach out, but it can be too late. We believe in the potential of early engagements. Whether you’re in the initial stages of an idea or are transitioning a family-owned business, we’re eager to support you. We don’t differentiate between stages as entrepreneurs often face similar challenges regardless of their phase. In fact, many of our 100+ companies connected with us all at different stages including conceptual ideas, without any prior funding. We encourage you to reach out, irrespective of your perceived readiness. While initiating a conversation is never too premature, delaying might mean missing opportunities.

How do you support the transition of family and founder-owned companies?

Transitioning a family or founder-owned business can be a complex and emotional journey. At Beckett Industries, we specialize in facilitating these transitions to ensure that businesses continue to thrive under new leadership or direction. We understand the importance of preserving the legacy and values that these ventures were built upon. Whether it’s about identifying the right successor, strategizing for the next phase, or ensuring a seamless changeover, we offer tailored solutions to meet the unique needs of each business.

What if I need help winding down a family or founder-owned company?

Winding down a business is a decision that comes with its own set of challenges and intricacies. Beckett Industries is adept at helping family and founder-owned companies navigate this process with dignity and strategic foresight. We focus on optimizing asset value, ensuring obligations are met, and guiding businesses through the legal and financial aspects of closure. Our team is dedicated to ensuring a respectful and smooth winding-down process, always honoring the legacy and contributions of the venture.

I'm just starting out, can Beckett Industries still help?

Absolutely! Beckett Industries thrives on partnering with ventures at all stages. If you’re just laying the foundation for your startup, we can provide guidance on strategic planning, financial modeling, market positioning, fundraising, growth, branding, software development, and more. We believe in the power of legacy, and our goal is to help you build a sustainable, future-proof business from the outset.

What if I'm not certain about the future direction of my company?

Uncertainty is a natural part of business evolution. Beckett Industries is here to provide clarity. Whether you’re contemplating expansion, a pivot, or even a potential sale, our team offers a fresh perspective backed by years of industry experience. We assist in identifying opportunities, mitigating risks, and carving out a clear path forward.

What if our company is struggling?

We all go through ups and downs and need help at times. At Beckett Industries, we evaluate the broader picture. If your venture is facing challenges, our team can work with you to identify underlying issues, create a turnaround strategy, and set the course for renewed growth. We believe in the intrinsic value of founder and family-led businesses and are committed to fostering their success, regardless of their current financial standing.

Our Process

What is your investment process and how long does it take?

Our investment process is methodical and comprehensive. It begins with an initial review of the business proposition, followed by an in-depth due diligence phase to assess financial, operational, and market dynamics. Once the evaluation is complete, we discuss potential deal structures. It’s essential to note that we syndicate all our deals, positioning ourselves as the independent sponsor. This approach allows us to leverage a network of trusted investors while maintaining leadership in the investment process. The duration of the process can vary based on deal complexity and the depth of due diligence required, but we are committed to efficiency and transparency at every step, ensuring all parties are well-informed.

How does syndication impact the terms and structure of the deal?

Syndication, with Beckett Industries as the independent sponsor, provides an opportunity to pool resources and expertise from various trusted investors. This collaborative approach allows for more flexible and favorable terms tailored to the unique needs of each deal. It also broadens the resource and networking opportunities available to the business, ensuring holistic support and growth potential.

What role do you take as the independent sponsor in the deal?

As the independent sponsor, we take a lead role in all stages of the investment process. This includes identifying potential investment opportunities, performing due diligence, structuring the deal, and managing ongoing relations post-investment. Our position ensures that the interests of all parties are aligned, and the venture’s vision is consistently supported.

How do you select deals for potential investments?

Our selection criteria are a blend of analytical and visionary approaches. We evaluate the scalability, market potential, and financial health of a business. Equally, we give weight to the passion, vision, and values of the founding or leadership team. Our aim is to identify ventures where we can add value and foster sustainable growth.

What should we expect post-investment from Beckett Industries?

After the investment, businesses can expect a hands-on partnership with Beckett Industries. We work closely with the leadership teams, offering strategic insights, access to our network, and ongoing support in various operational areas. Our goal is to ensure the venture thrives and achieves its long-term objectives while honoring the shared values and vision.