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Beckett Industries

Connecting the dots to help Entrepreneurs and leaders build enduring companies at all stages.

Danny Beckett Jr. founded Beckett Industries to manage his consulting, advising, and strategic investments in startups, real estate, and family and founder-owned businesses across B2B and B2C technology, manufacturing, industrial, and CPG.

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We Help With Funding

The market is rapidly shifting for fundraising in the Angel and VC spaces. We have the ability to walk you in to some of the world’s best accelerators and startup funds.

Real Estate

Diversifying Income

Whether it’s offsetting capital gains, or just diversifying your portfolio: we love to work with developers and individuals alike to create multi-generational opportunities and sustainability.


Let Us Guide You

If you are building new revenue channels, finding stability, or ramping up product initiatives: we’re here to help!


Over The Finish Line

With multiple exits under our belts, we have a unique ability to raise EBIDTA and not only get you in front of buyers, but also protect your legacy along the way.

To all the family and founder-owned companies wondering

What Makes Us Different

If you peruse other websites, you’ll quickly observe that they all begin to sound similar.

There are many private equity firms, M&A specialists, and venture capitalists out there. Yet, Beckett Industries stands apart. We find our place right in the middle, focusing on what truly matters to the founders and family-owned companies we work with. When Danny Beckett Jr. started on his business journey over 20 years ago, he didn’t know what lay ahead. There were highs and lows, tough economic times, bankruptcy, and much more. Danny has been through it all and came out stronger on the other side.

He’s started more than seven companies, seen four succeed and exit, two wind down, and has shifted gears multiple times. Along the way, he’s been a trusted advisor to hundreds of business owners, helping them navigate their own paths. He’s also raised nearly $100 million from private and institutional investors, showing his ability to rally support and funding.

Now, Danny has a special place in his heart for helping family and founder-owned companies, making between $5-50 million in revenue. He’s also keen on advising early-stage founders right from day one. Today, Danny wears the hat of a venture capitalist at Entrepreneur Ventures, aligning with the largest entrepreneurial media company in the world. Additionally, he is building Entrepreneur Venture Partners under Entrepreneur Media, with the vision of creating one of the largest angel groups worldwide.

At Beckett Industries, we’re more than just a financial firm. We’re your partners, ready to dive in and help you at any stage. With Danny’s broad experience and network, we are poised to provide a unique blend of support and resources to drive your business forward.

As a company, we understand that our choices today will impact the world we leave behind for future generations. Therefore, we prioritize responsible and ethical practices that align with our values. Our dedication to long-term thinking allows us to make informed decisions that benefit all stakeholders in the long run. We aim to be a positive force for change, demonstrating that running a successful business is possible while prioritizing ethics and sustainability.

Greater Than The Sum of Our Parts

We Win Together

We value partnerships, not just projects.

Our partners will tell you about the real struggle of company building because we’ve been there, too. We’ve faced the challenges, felt the isolation, and come out stronger on the other side. At Beckett Industries, we’re all about diving in and getting our hands dirty to help you at every stage.

We aren’t just spectators; we join you in the trenches to build something enduring. We prefer genuine working sessions over formal board meetings, and real insights over assumptions. Our partners see us as their trusted advisors, their sideline coaches, and the nudge they need to keep moving forward, especially when the going gets tough.

The feedback we receive speaks volumes. Our partners talk about how we’ve helped them start, transition, reinvent and grow, offering honest feedback while always having their back. We’ve tackled growth challenges head-on for a roster of remarkable companies.

We’re here to support you with a network of resources whether that is strategy, finance, digital, growth, marketing, and sales to help you connect the dots. And we don’t stop there. We’re committed to sharing useful advice with other leaders through interviews, workshops, articles, and more, helping to spread success far and wide.

At Beckett Industries, we’re not just about the numbers; we’re about the people behind the numbers. We’re about fostering lasting relationships and creating a ripple effect of growth and success across the business landscape. Together, let’s build something not just successful but significant and enduring.

Most importantly, they will tell you that our legacy is rooted in doing the right thing, even when difficult. Our commitment to ethical business practices is a core value that guides our decision-making process. We believe in fostering long-term relationships with our partners and stakeholders rather than pursuing short-term gains through optimization. By prioritizing the well-being of our employees, customers, and the environment, we strive to create a sustainable future for all.


Talk with our partners and they’ll tell you how we’re different.

Frequently Asked Questions


Is it ever too early to approach Beckett Industries about deals?

It’s never too early to reach out, but it can be too late. We believe in the potential of early engagements. Whether you’re in the initial stages of an idea or are transitioning a family-owned business, we’re eager to support you. We don’t differentiate between stages as entrepreneurs often face similar challenges regardless of their phase. In fact, many of our 100+ companies connected with us all at different stages including conceptual ideas, without any prior funding. We encourage you to reach out, irrespective of your perceived readiness. While initiating a conversation is never too premature, delaying might mean missing opportunities.

How do you support the transition of family and founder-owned companies?

Transitioning a family or founder-owned business can be a complex and emotional journey. At Beckett Industries, we specialize in facilitating these transitions to ensure that businesses continue to thrive under new leadership or direction. We understand the importance of preserving the legacy and values that these ventures were built upon. Whether it’s about identifying the right successor, strategizing for the next phase, or ensuring a seamless changeover, we offer tailored solutions to meet the unique needs of each business.

What if I need help winding down a family or founder-owned company?

Winding down a business is a decision that comes with its own set of challenges and intricacies. Beckett Industries is adept at helping family and founder-owned companies navigate this process with dignity and strategic foresight. We focus on optimizing asset value, ensuring obligations are met, and guiding businesses through the legal and financial aspects of closure. Our team is dedicated to ensuring a respectful and smooth winding-down process, always honoring the legacy and contributions of the venture.

I'm just starting out, can Beckett Industries still help?

Absolutely! Beckett Industries thrives on partnering with ventures at all stages. If you’re just laying the foundation for your startup, we can provide guidance on strategic planning, financial modeling, market positioning, fundraising, growth, branding, software development, and more. We believe in the power of legacy, and our goal is to help you build a sustainable, future-proof business from the outset.

What if I'm not certain about the future direction of my company?

Uncertainty is a natural part of business evolution. Beckett Industries is here to provide clarity. Whether you’re contemplating expansion, a pivot, or even a potential sale, our team offers a fresh perspective backed by years of industry experience. We assist in identifying opportunities, mitigating risks, and carving out a clear path forward.

What if our company is struggling?

We all go through ups and downs and need help at times. At Beckett Industries, we evaluate the broader picture. If your venture is facing challenges, our team can work with you to identify underlying issues, create a turnaround strategy, and set the course for renewed growth. We believe in the intrinsic value of founder and family-led businesses and are committed to fostering their success, regardless of their current financial standing.

Decision Making

How do you evaluate potential partnerships or investments?

Our decision-making process is multifaceted. We assess the viability of the business model, market potential, and the passion and commitment of the founders or leadership team. Additionally, we place significant emphasis on cultural alignment, ensuring our values resonate with those of the businesses we partner with. Our evaluation is both data-driven and intuitive, combining analytical rigor with our wealth of industry experience.

How important is the financial track record of a company?

While a company’s financial history provides valuable insights, it is not the sole determinant in our decision-making process. We look beyond numbers to understand the business’s potential, its unique value proposition, and the challenges it faces. Our belief is in nurturing and fostering growth, which means we often see potential in ventures others might overlook.

How long does the decision-making process usually take?

The duration of our decision-making process can vary based on the complexity of the deal and the amount of due diligence required. However, we prioritize efficiency and transparency, ensuring all parties are kept informed throughout the evaluation. Typically, we aim to provide initial feedback within a few weeks, with more comprehensive decisions made as quickly as thorough analysis allows.

Do the founders' or leadership team's vision and values influence decision-making?

Absolutely. The vision and values of the founders or leadership team play a pivotal role in our assessment. We believe that aligned values foster stronger, more synergistic partnerships. It’s crucial for us that the businesses we engage with share our commitment to innovation, integrity, and sustainable growth.

What if a proposed deal doesn't align with your investment criteria?

Transparency and respect are at the core of our operations. If a proposed deal doesn’t align with our investment criteria, we provide clear feedback, outlining the reasons for our decision. We also offer insights and recommendations that might help the company in its future endeavors or refine its approach for potential partnerships.

Our Process

What is your investment process and how long does it take?

Our investment process is methodical and comprehensive. It begins with an initial review of the business proposition, followed by an in-depth due diligence phase to assess financial, operational, and market dynamics. Once the evaluation is complete, we discuss potential deal structures. It’s essential to note that we syndicate all our deals, positioning ourselves as the independent sponsor. This approach allows us to leverage a network of trusted investors while maintaining leadership in the investment process. The duration of the process can vary based on deal complexity and the depth of due diligence required, but we are committed to efficiency and transparency at every step, ensuring all parties are well-informed.

How does syndication impact the terms and structure of the deal?

Syndication, with Beckett Industries as the independent sponsor, provides an opportunity to pool resources and expertise from various trusted investors. This collaborative approach allows for more flexible and favorable terms tailored to the unique needs of each deal. It also broadens the resource and networking opportunities available to the business, ensuring holistic support and growth potential.

What role do you take as the independent sponsor in the deal?

As the independent sponsor, we take a lead role in all stages of the investment process. This includes identifying potential investment opportunities, performing due diligence, structuring the deal, and managing ongoing relations post-investment. Our position ensures that the interests of all parties are aligned, and the venture’s vision is consistently supported.

How do you select deals for potential investments?

Our selection criteria are a blend of analytical and visionary approaches. We evaluate the scalability, market potential, and financial health of a business. Equally, we give weight to the passion, vision, and values of the founding or leadership team. Our aim is to identify ventures where we can add value and foster sustainable growth.

What should we expect post-investment from Beckett Industries?

After the investment, businesses can expect a hands-on partnership with Beckett Industries. We work closely with the leadership teams, offering strategic insights, access to our network, and ongoing support in various operational areas. Our goal is to ensure the venture thrives and achieves its long-term objectives while honoring the shared values and vision.


How much do you usually invest into a company?

The investment amount Beckett Industries commits varies based on the opportunity, the stage of the company, and the specific needs of the venture. While we have a broad range of investment capacities, our primary focus is on ensuring the right fit and the potential for mutual growth. Specific amounts are determined after thorough evaluation and discussions with the founding or leadership team.

Do you have strict ownership requirements?

Beckett Industries understands that every venture is unique, and our ownership terms reflect this. While we have general guidelines, they remain flexible to accommodate the individual requirements and growth plans of the businesses we partner with. Our primary objective is to strike a balance that ensures alignment of interests and the long-term success of the venture.

What size rounds does Beckett Industries participate in?

Beckett Industries is versatile in its investment approach. We participate in a diverse range of funding rounds, from early-stage seed rounds to larger, more mature funding rounds. Our participation is dictated by our belief in the business’s potential and our ability to add value at that specific stage.

Will Beckett Industries lead rounds?

Beckett Industries typically does not take the lead in investment rounds. Our approach is to collaborate and synergize with other stakeholders and investors, ensuring that the best interests of the business are always prioritized. Our decision to invest is driven by the business’s potential and our alignment with its vision, rather than the positioning in the investment round.

Will you sign my confidentiality agreement / NDA?

At Beckett Industries, we respect the confidentiality of the information shared with us. While we are open to reviewing and signing confidentiality agreements or NDAs, we have standard protocols in place to ensure the protection of sensitive information throughout our discussions and due diligence process.

Working With Us

What makes Beckett Industries different?

We are seasoned entrepreneurs and operators and our firm is built on a foundation of trust, innovation, and a genuine commitment to the growth and success of the founders and companies choose to partner with. Unlike traditional investment firms, our involvement goes beyond financial support; we actively collaborate with companies, offering strategic insights, leveraging our vast network, and providing hands-on assistance to ensure sustained growth and success.

How do you help your companies raise money?

Beckett Industries has a rich network of investors, financial institutions, and strategic partners. We assist our companies in crafting compelling narratives, refining their pitches, and directly introducing them to potential investors who align with their vision and objectives. Our reputation and credibility in the market often serve as a catalyst for successful fundraisings.

How will you support me in future financings?

Our support extends throughout the lifecycle of our partnership. For future financings, we provide guidance on valuation, terms negotiation, and deal structuring. Our team is also proactive in connecting our partner companies with appropriate financial partners, be they venture capitalists, private equity firms, or strategic investors, ensuring that each round of financing aligns with the company’s growth trajectory.

What is Beckett Industries' anti-discrimination and anti-harassment policy?

Beckett Industries maintains a strict anti-discrimination and anti-harassment policy. We believe that every individual deserves respect, dignity, and an environment free from any form of discrimination or harassment. This policy is enforced across all our engagements and interactions, and we expect the same commitment from the companies and partners we work with.

What is Beckett Industries' stance on diversity and inclusion?

At Beckett Industries, we recognize and celebrate the power of diverse thoughts, backgrounds, and experiences. We are steadfast in our commitment to fostering an inclusive environment, both internally and within our portfolio companies. We believe that diversity drives innovation and resilience, and we actively promote and support initiatives that champion diversity and inclusion in the broader entrepreneurial ecosystem.

How do you help your companies hire?

We understand the importance of having the right talent on board. We assist our companies by leveraging our expansive network to identify potential hires, provide insights on organizational structuring, and offer best practices for talent acquisition and retention. We also facilitate introductions to top-tier recruitment firms when specialized roles need to be filled.

How do you help your companies acquire customers? How do you help companies grow?

We adopt a hands-on approach when it comes to customer acquisition and growth. We assist with refining go-to-market strategies, provide introductions to potential clients within our network, and share best practices from our vast experience with portfolio companies. Furthermore, we offer guidance on scaling operations, optimizing sales funnels, and enhancing customer experiences to ensure sustained growth.

Does Beckett Industries partners take board seats?

While we are deeply involved and committed to the success of our portfolio companies, our decision to take board seats is based on the specific needs and agreement with the company in question. When we do take a board seat, it’s with the intent of offering strategic guidance, governance, and support to ensure the company’s long-term growth and success.

The Basics

Is Beckett Industries hiring for any internal roles?

While we infrequently hire internally, Beckett Industries is always on the lookout for exceptional talent for our portfolio companies. If you’re passionate about making a difference in the startup ecosystem and looking for an exciting opportunity, we’d love to hear from you. Please feel free to reach out!

Who are Beckett Industries' investors?

Beckett Industries is backed by a diverse and esteemed group of investors. Our investor base comprises angels, family offices, high-net-worth individuals, and other institutional partners. Moreover, Danny Beckett Jr., as a General Partner of Entrepreneur Ventures and the founder of Entrepreneur Venture Partners, has access to an expansive global network of investors. This vast connection ensures we can leverage a rich pool of expertise, resources, and perspectives, benefiting our entire portfolio.

Where are your offices?

While Danny Beckett Jr. is primarily based in Grand Rapids, MI, Beckett Industries, but through his General Partner role at Entrepreneur Ventures, they have a global footprint with offices in Los Angeles, New York, Toronto, and Miami. This geographic diversity allows us to maintain a pulse on various markets and stay connected with a vast network of innovators and industry leaders.

How can potential startups or companies get in touch with Beckett Industries?

We’ve historically valued referrals from people we know and trust. This includes people leading and employed by Beckett Industries companies, angel investors, other entrepreneurs, etc. It gives us more data to work with.

A direct referral will get a quicker response, but don’t be afraid to email us yourself. We know good companies can come from anywhere, so we review every single deal we receive, whether it’s through a warm intro or cold outreach.

What sectors or industries does Beckett Industries primarily focus on?

Beckett Industries has a diverse interest spanning across B2B and B2C technology, manufacturing, industrial sectors, real estate, and CPG. Our primary objective is to identify ventures with a compelling vision, market potential, and a passionate leadership team, irrespective of the specific industry they operate in.

Let’s talk.

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