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Subject Expertise

Unicorn is not just a service provider but an invested partner, empowering founders and innovators who bring tomorrow’s technology to market today. Learn how the software we’ve developed, partners we’ve established, and growth models we’ve proven can immediately impact where you go next.

We Provide Value First

Our success is built upon your own. We use a foursquare model which allows us to measure and perform with objectivity. This also allows us to prioritize partnerships over projects. Everything we do is governed by a strict set of core values that we have battle-tested over decades.

Connected to Market Makers

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Current Pursuits

  • Alternate or Mixed Reality
  • Digital Transformations
  • Solving Complex Problems
  • Installing New Revenue Streams
  • Growth Through Partnerships

Are You A Unicorn?

Our company offers full-service capabilities without bloat by leveraging our network of bespoke providers in a hub-and-spoke model. Unicorn is the hub, focusing on strategy and installing operators, while our partners focus on delivering best-in-class results. Find out if your business is a unicorn!

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Pathfinding With You

We seek projects that fit our mold of U.N.I.C.O.R.N. criteria: unique, niche, innovative, creative, objective, respectable, and notable. If your company or product shares synergy with our own, then let us one-horned-steeds tramp along this path together.